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Privacy Policy, effective July 2022

EPUB Highlighter (the site) is brought to you by Textualization Software Ltd., a British Columbia Canadian Company. Complying with the British Columbia's Personal Information Protection Act from 2004, the site does not collect any private information outside what is needed to render the service offered in the site.

The books in electronic format (EPUBs) furnished by the users to render the service are kept during the short-lived "sessions" under which the user interacts with the service. We do not retain the EPUBs once the session expires.

To reiterate, we do not keep any data in our servers, which means there is no data for us to sell nor data for successor companies to peruse.

The users can opt-in to share their generated posts for dissemination in our social media feeds. That authorization is kept until the user decides to revoke it. Please contact us by email to if you would like to revoke the opt-in (or through our social media channels.